Darwin's Demons

In this arcade style space shooter, defend against an encroaching horde of evolving enemies. As you kill each generation, the fittest creatures become the parents of the next generation, adapting to your playstyle.

How long will you be able to survive against the Protean Swarm?

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What is Polymorphic Games?

Polymorphic Games is a game design studio focused on using evolutionary principles to build better video games.

Based at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho, this highly interdisciplinary team includes students and professors from nearly every discipline on campus from Visual Design and English to Biology and Computer Science.

Soundtrack now avaliable!

You can pick up the Darwin's Demons Soundtrack at the link below!


You can catch the team streaming gameplay from Darwin's Demons on our Twitch channel, as well as seeing our past streams.

The Darwin's Demons Wiki

Ever wanted to read the lore behind Darwin's Demons, or get some tips for playing the game? The Darwin's Demons Wiki has information on the game mechanics and the lore of our universe!

Our Games

Students and faculty at the University of Idaho work together to create better, and more educational videogames using evolutionary principles.

Darwin's Sandbox

The Ladybug Game

A simple online model with aphids evolving to escape predation by a ladybug. Developed by Terence Soule to illustrate selection, inheritance, and variation.

Darwin's Sandbox

Evolve TD

An evolutionary tower defense game in which the Protean Swarm seeks to destroy your base. Created in 2014 by the students enrolled in CS/BIOL 404 - Video Games and Evolution.

Darwin's Sandbox

Darwin's Demons

Started in May of 2016, Darwin's Demons pits the player against an evolving swarm of enemies and challenges the player to survive as long as possible.

AIIDE Playable Experience

Darwin's Sandbox

Project Hastur

Project Hastur takes the struggle to the ground, where both the player and the environment will drive the evolution of the game opponents. The player finds themselves on the planet Nyx and its three moons fighting back against the Proteans to recover lost technology.

Our Blogs

Our Development Blog is where you can keep up to date with our current projects and game releases.
Nearly Neutral is focused on bringing science and videogames into conversation with each other and detailing how we are using science in our own games.

Adding Unique Migrants
Designing Reproduction
Darwin's Demons Updates
Observing Evolution
Development Blog                 Nearly Neutral

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Our Team

Below is our 2017 Summer Studio team.

Team Portfolios

Samantha Heck

Landon R. Wright

Sam Carlson

Cameron Perry

Spencer Gomez

Courtney Bryant

Nick Valenti

Patrick VanVorce

Tristan Lassiter

Marlan Smith

Nicholas Wood

Weston Durland

Thomas Haynes

Barrie Robison

Terence Soule



Teaching with Polymorphic Games

Real Science

Our games have real scientific principles behind them and can be used to run real tests in the classroom.

Multi-System Compatible

All of our games are easy to download and playable on PCs, Macs, and Linux computers.

Glossary of Terms

We supply a glossary of all the terms students will learn about in our games.

Fun Games

Polymorphic Games is focused on making learning evolution fun for all ages. So while the data are real, your students will never be bored trying to collet it.

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